Monday, September 25, 2017

Yogurt in the Instant Pot

*Note I would normally not post a recipe until I had it all figured out and lots of photos...but this tie I want to remember which recipes I used as I play with the whole thing. 

My new Instant Pot has several features the 6 qt doesn't.  One is the yogurt button. It is time to learn how to use this.  I combined tips from this recipe  and this recipe and it worked.  I'm noting it here so I can find them again. When I am totally happy with the results, I will write up what I do. LOL
A moment of panic came after the milk had boiled, cooled, and the starter was added. When I pushed my yogurt button and the + it did NOT give me 8 hours as both authors above said it would. It appears mine counts up on the YOGURT FEATURE - every other feature counts down.  I pushed yogurt, it BRIEFLY said 8 hours, and then 0:00....but it counted up to 8 hours of time.

I used 1/2 a gal of milk and made a big thing of blueberry for Michael (he eats every day), plain (for stroganoff) and a bit vanilla. Michael said this is good.  I am not a yogurt eater and I didn't puke when I tasted it. ::wink::

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