Friday, October 27, 2017

#WYFF - Busy Feet

The end of a school week. We've given it our all. 
Yuuki's feet are "busy" with school 
 I wrote about how our fridge started making LOUD noises on Saturday. Today, the repair company was sending someone out. He heard it on Monday when he was fixing our stove....but couldn't work on it as there was no work order from the warranty company yet. They all said it was a simple matter of replacing an "evaporator fan."  All week we've dealt with crazy noise. About 30 min before Steve was due, all went quiet and the fridge had a new code.

You guessed it - now it needs many more things repaired. They don't keep the part in stock. It will be "a week -2 years" before the parts arrive....I wasn't very amused and so he said it will be 7-10 days.  

We unplugged it and moved it out. The idea is it will drain all the ice and such that has frozen around it as the fan went out....and then it should run again until they get here to fix it in a couple of weeks. 
Busy Feet repairing Fridge

 Arielle is 36 1/2 weeks pregnant. I suggested she take someone with her when she walks...just in case she were to lose her balance on the hill or something. It's fun to watch her and Nolan head out.
Busy with a fall walk

Stacia and I ran the to bank, the post office and the library. The library was closed.

 We managed to get our pizza's in the oven, our food stored in the garage, deck and CoRielle's fridge....watched a gorgeous sunset....

We ended the day crowded around our bed, streaming a Marvel movie. I suspect Saturday will get a lazy start. It's been a full and challenging week.

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