Saturday, November 18, 2017

Michael's Birthday Celebration

We are blessed! There is a lot of wind in the Matsu Valley. We "lucked" into the one area that is NOT windy....winter seems to "blow away" in town....but we have a nice covering of snow.  We hear the winds can gust to 80 mph on the OTHER side of the mountain! God watched out for us. The sun shining on the snow is beautiful. 

Cory and Bennett came up to visit

Josiah and Jamin came out to celebrate Michael's birthday (so did JaRissa and the ones here).
Stacia made their matching hats
 Stacia had been wanting to sled all week - but the boys weren't of the same mind. Cy and Jamin joined her.....and then the boys came along too. 
Josiah, Stacia, Jamin, Alex

Josiah, Stacia and Jamin 
 Then there was a snowball fight
Stacia, Cy, Jamin, Alex

Michael opened gifts

Jared and Larissa
 Bennett made a debut
Bella meets Bennett

Cory, Bella (BreZaak's), Bennett and Arielle 

After gifts, Arielle went downstairs and we had dinner.....and cake....
L - Jared, Larissa, Nolan, Alex, Stacia, Michael, Bre, Bella, Jamin, Josiah, Bennett & Cory

A funny thing happened last night.....the Four of us just weren't carrying the tune right - according to Michael. When we went to sing tonight Cory said they wondered what we were doing last night....."Are they practicing?" We certainly needed it....we do much better with Bre in the mix...listen in....

This is Michael's first birthday without Mom G. That was hard. 

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