Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Fun

We envisioned Sunday afternoons full of playing and visiting, topped with dinner/devo together. It's not exactly worked out that way - mainly because reality interfered. The kids are really busy. Most the playing we envisioned - hikes, yard games -  happen best without snow....JaRissa have been screaming busy and Sunday's will never work for them. Other nights don't work with Cory and Izaak's work schedule.  BUT we've enjoyed our weekly Family Dinners and Michael and I are always talking about tweaking - looking to encourage connections and memories.

TODAY - the boys surprised us by coming out early and playing games all afternoon. Stacia is not thrilled about strategy games and we are heavy on the strategy games around here. ::snort::  We were not here when they arrived and stopped in at BreZaak's. Cy has a great photo of Bella, who ran to the other end of their tiny home, got behind the bed, and peeked over the top. I've lost the photo. I did snap the one below of Dominion.
Alex, Nolan , Cy and Michael - Jamin and Stacia were out of range
 BreZaak came up early and I promptly put them to work. We kept it simple tonight - Chili and Cornbread.  I accidently added double cumin, when it was time to add a bit of curry (that happens when I'm distracted), Michael worked to remove it - but the chili ended up tasting a bit like taco soup.
Izaak, Bella and Bre
We finished our look at Philemon and will be moving on to new things in the near future. Next week is Michael's birthday celebration...from there it's Thanksgiving and then we'll do four weeks of advent devos on Sunday nights.

We are enjoying life.

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