Wednesday, December 06, 2017

With Mom and Dad in the Hospital

The trip had been planned to visit mom and I was compelled to spend as much time with her as I possibly could. Mom had left her home to travel the world as a missionary. She was always supportive of  our family's ministry in the military - but it did cost us time with family. That cost was heavy as I realized my parents would not be making extended visits to Alaska, or moving up in a few years.  I wanted every minute I could possibly get with Mom. I slept at the hospital and spent my days with her and Dad. A friend of mine, Tracy, commented  Mom had taught me all my life. This was not the time to pull away, but to push in and let her teach me lessons even in this season. I was determined to do just this. 

On this Wednesday Mom was still struggling with pain, she was a bit less responsive and Dad and I got to talk with her oncologist on his rounds. I think, regardless of our hopes and prayers, we were all sensing Mom may have been right and would end her fight sooner than expected. 
I loved this day with Mom and Dad

Our last photo together. I'm reminded as I note what I'm wearing...that our words for 2017 were Strong. Courageous.  God commanded us to be strong and courageous, not to tremble or be dismayed. He would be with us wherever we went. I'm thankful that He was....and I do know we are a bit stronger and braver, having walked through this year of PD reality, move, settling in, unemployment and loss.  Each path we safely navigate by His side, builds a bit more courage into our lives.

My heart is full of awe and gratitude for those who volunteer their time and skills in the hospital. This man, and a gal too, came in to play beautiful harp music each day.  Knowing we were Christians, they picked many worship choruses and hymns. It became a highlight of the day. This first day, mom responded, by calming down and turning her head towards the music. She's always loved harp music. There were also pets and quilts and all sorts of volunteers on the floor. River Bend is a good place.

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