Saturday, May 06, 2017

Bella's Wheels - Prayer Requests

BreZaak and CoRielle have traded in their cars for ones that are able to haul U-Haul trailers up the AlCan! The #GherkinsAlaskanAdventure is getting closer all the time! 

Bella wasn't sure about the new wheels - but she was fully accepting of the new situation by the end of her first ride. 
Bella - 1 year old 
We do appreciate your continued prayers for this migration. LOL

  • Safe travels for Michael, me and the younger 3 back to OR from CO
  • Michael and I are taking a house-hunting trip to AK on 15 May 
  • Josiah and Jamin will getting on the Ferry on 19 May,  then will drive from Haines, AK to Anchorage. 
  • Continued finances for all 
  • The younger 3 need their passports renewed to travel through Canada - pray they arrive in the predicted 2-3 weeks 
  • Job openings for all (Josiah, Jamin, CoRielle, BreZaak)
  • Timing of our drive up the AlCan
  • Continued health for Bre and Gideon
  • Continued health for all 
  • Future ministry in AK

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