Saturday, May 06, 2017

Visit with Friends

Every time I visit my photo files I see this one still not blogged (and a larger one of the Garden of the Gods). It's time.  As background, this is from a trip in May 2017 - when we were out in Colorado to bury Mom G beside Dad G at the Fort Logan National Cemetery. 

With the funeral behind us, it was time to say goodbye to Gherkins. Krista and Kent headed back to Mexico. CoRielle headed to Oregon. We met Josiah and Jamin for breakfast this morning. Josiah will fly out to Washington today. Jamin will come back to the RV and spend the day with us. He flies to TX tomorrow.

We had plans to visit with the Driskells, friends and chapel attendees from our assignment in  Misawa, Japan. We hadn't accounted for an extra person and suddenly realized we wouldn't all fit in the Jeep. I called Melissa to let them know we'd leave one or two at the RV and the rest would be out. Dave called back and said he was coming to the base to pick us all up, driving us to his home, and would drive us all back! What a blessing.  We hadn't seen the Driskells in over four years. Our first surprise was being greeted at the door by Jaycob (back row, 3rd from Right). He was home visiting and we got to see the entire family.

The meal was yummy, but the best part of all was sitting and recounting God's faithfulness - both in Japan in the years since.  Such good memories from Japan. The feeling of having left a huge part of our hearts in Japan is nearly universal when we meet up. There is a pain - but the memories are sweet.
Me and Melissa

Dave and Michael 

"Kiddos" at their own table
We leave in the morning to head back to Oregon. We'll be there at least until Mom is done with cancer treatment.  This trip has been filled with getting to reconnect with dear friends....just the salve our grieving souls needed.

Why did it take me 10 months to blog this? Quite possibly I didn't want to let go of the season of reconnecting with wonderful friends and family. 

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