Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bella Came to Play

Bella Boo came to play with Gemma today!!!! Bre and Gideon went to MOPS. We were happy to have Bella stay. The kids did school. I played.  I pulled out bubbles. 

She loves the nook, so I supplied her with colored pencils and paper - both things I have handy in the nook. 

We had a "tea break" - she seemed to like sitting in the chair by herself with her cup and cracker. 

Bella loves cleaning. I got a lot of work done, she thought it was all a great game. Win/Win. We vacuumed, dust mopped, swept and wiped down counters.  

Bella wasn't the only excitement in the day. We also had a productive school day. Stacia and I selected recipes and started pricing them out to see what we may be able to produce and sell to increase our seed.

We tried two new recipes tonight - one for chicken thighs and one for CRISPY oven baked fries. Both were hits....Note Yuuki guarding the oven for us. She also loves the new clear glass door and oven light. LOL

In a fun turn of events, Bre's ride to MOPS lives down the road and around a couple of corners. She recognized Bre's maiden name as my last name. I'm on an Alaska Chicken Raising facebook group. She said to tell me if I want to come sit and chat about her chickens, I can. Yay!

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