Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Crime Scene Investigations

I'm not totally sure when this happened - but I wanted to do a back to school blog and this is the day we started back, so I'll put it here. LOL  I'm not happy with how the last semester has gone. Our work has not been up to what I expect - but we have gotten through it. Considering we moved and started late, Michael and I are gone at therapy 3x a week and I was in Oregon for three weeks - it's some kind of miracle for us to have been ready to turn our second quarter work samples and mid-year grades! BUT WE DID - and we turned them in early! Woot!

We have plans to be able to slow down the rest of the year...no more big breaks until May, when Nolan graduates. 

I get STUCK on science experiments. Michael agreed to take over this one with Stacia. We are working through some forensic science. One of our books is Crime Scene Investigations.   Here they talked about comparing prints...

The snow made it difficult to see what Michael wanted her to see. The next thing I knew they were making casts in Plaster of Paris and she was determining which print went with which shoe. I didn't get photos of that - thought I had.

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