Saturday, January 06, 2018

January Birthday Dinner

 We have been having weekly Sunday Family Dinners - to gather all the kids here to connect. We haven't had many birthdays, but we have had a time or two where I was doing two big dinners in one week. We hit on a solution. The first dinner of the month will be the Birthday Dinner for all the birthdays in the month. Larissa sparked this idea.  Tonight we met to celebrate two birthdays - mine and Jared's.  I let him choose the dinner - stroganoff.  I made a non-dairy option for myself and BreZaak. He chose a Cookies and Cream Ice Cream cake. That's fine...but I've been craving an Andes Mint Chocolate Cheesecake. I made the last one in 2009. I think I've showed restraint. I was happy I made the cheesecake as several of the Gherkins were thrilled to see it. I have no idea what happened to the pig hat. ::snort::

Gifts weren't expected - but a couple showed up anyway. LOL  Josiah knows me - A HEATED THROW! 

JaRissa got me an oil diffuser...and an arctic heat blend which I'm putting to use. 

Jared got a card and gift card from Krista....

And a really fun mad lib card from us 5.....

Benny Bear made the rounds...

After everyone went home these four played more Dominion. 

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