Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bella's Volunteer Experience

I believe it is never to early to get a child involved in volunteering in family, community, and church. We simply took our kids along with us.  Bre had MOPS today. It is much easier for her if Bella stays with me on MOPS day because someone picks her up and Bella's car seat is difficult to move around.

MOPS comes when the uncles and auntie are schooling. I try to safeguard school time for them. Bella and I kept active. We colored. We read books. We watered seedlings and planted a bit.  I looked at the day's "list" and knew I needed to get  200 eggs filled with candy. She was a willing helper.

Bella's  eyes grew big, round, and sparkly when I dumped all the eggs on the counter, pulled up a chair for her, and emptied the bags of candy. LOL 

I did have to explain the candy needed to go into the eggs, she should not feed Yuuki any, and  - well - she only snatched one piece for herself and one for Yuuki. She's a good girl. It WAS tempting.

Yay, she gets the candy into the egg! She was content to work on this until we were done! She'd hand them to me to click shut when she got a piece to fit. 

A colorful pile ready to go back to church. We had fun together, made a memory, AND we checked the item off the list. Go us! 

Why all the eggs? On Sunday, after breakfast and service, our church hosts a big Easter Egg hunt. I love that there is still snow on the ground and children need boots to hunt for eggs. LOL

If you are in the local area, feel free to join us Sunday at Matanuska Assembly of God on W.  Auklet Street. Breakfast is at 0930. Service begins at 1100. 

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