Saturday, March 31, 2018

The End of a Full Week

I spent the second of half of this week working on "admin" stuff. 

I worked on nailing down details for April and May's Homestead Club meetings for IDEA. It took longer than  expected. I'm not done. I'm looking for a beekeeper. 

Stacia and I decided we would visit Krista in May. She and Maria sent the money for Stacia to visit. She was a bit nervous about an 18 hour trip alone. We were a bit nervous about it too. We decided I could break away for a week - so that's what we're doing.  It was a bit wild getting the connections worked out. LOL  We're looking forward to it.  It will be the same week the boys are on their Epic Hike....good timing. Michael and Arielle will keep the chicks and sprouts healthy. 

We cooked and baked....because I like to feed my family as often as possible. πŸ˜‰ I may need to buy a tofu press eventually????? No, THEY don't eat tofu. I made Sweet and Sour (meatballs for them and tofu for me). 

Michael has continued to work in the workshop. The kids are pushing through the  school year. We'd like to be done by May 1st.  Nolan's grades must be in by then. One more month and he will be FINISHED.

Arielle and Benny came up to watch a movie with us last night. Some things hardly change at all. She was tired with school and being a new mama....she snoozed during the movie and Nolan and Benny enjoyed some male bonding. 

It would appear I may need to move furniture out, so I can move planters IN.....I need to transplant more sprouts and start some more seeds.....and then figure out the light and space for them. BUT soon it will be warm enough to put some plastic hoops up around beds and move them outside....right?

Look at this!!!! Taken at 8:45 p.m. All of a sudden we have 13.5 hours of sunlight. It wasn't very long ago we had 5 - 6 hours......summer is on it's way.....

I'm considering change curriculum for Alex's final two years and Stacia's high school year. I'm thinking of going back to Sonlight, a program we first used 20 years ago. We were guinea pigs for some of their early years. LOL  It is more concretely laid out than our current curriculum (which we DO love).  I think a concrete plan, rather than so many options, would help us have realistic goals. I tend to think we are always under-achieving....until the kids graduate college cum laude.

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