Friday, April 20, 2018

Starting our Orchard

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It's overcast and rainy, but, TGIF!!!!

Michael has two more appointments this week. One more for evaluating Parkinson's symptoms. We are looking to see if he qualifies for therapies to learn strategies for slowing the progression of Parkinson symptoms.  He has at least one more week of evaluation before we will know any results. The other appointment is for PT on his shoulder.

After the appointments, we headed to a big box store to order a shed which we will convert to a chicken coop.  It was 900#. In the end, they opted to open the box and load it piece by piece. I can't believe they don't have other boxes this heavy to load....

Michael spent a bit of time proofing one of Krista's paper and then we loaded up the trailer and headed back to the next town over.

We picked up the shed (above).....and drove up the road and picked up trees!
Drenched - but worth it

Now, we are continuing to watch the ground and plan the fences so we can plant some trees and a garden.

We ended the night playing games and watching a movie - or sleeping through a movie the others watched.
Benny - 5 months

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