Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Rest of the 12th

 Other things happened on the 12th of April.....first, aren't these two darling? I've not posted enough grandblessing photos and must remedy that. LOL
Such a charmer

The 12th was Bella's second birthday! She's becoming quite a young lady. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, but she came in today to meet our three new chicks.

The UPS man drove up this evening. He told us to get one of the young men on the property to come help move these boxes. Cory worked with him over the Holidays.  We are impressed! Last Sunday, Josiah and Michael decided I needed a greenhouse. I've known I'd want - but we weren't going to get it this year. I was going to make do. I was also going to see if I could keep anything alive - I have a  notorious brown thumb. They decided I needed something now. Home Depot had one, but they would ship it to SEA and then put it on a barge. They said it would take at least six weeks. Costco had the same one - it cost more - but they said it would be here in 2 weeks. I did NOT pay for express shipping. It got here in THREE DAYS!

Michael spent much of this day making a chick brooder out of two kiddie swimming pools. I plan to get him to sit down and talk about it on video one of these days.

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