Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Doctors, Errands, Projects & Chickens

We have two videos about today up on our Youtube Channel. One about our system and the guys' trip to the Recycling Center and one about the Rest of the Day

Michael is undergoing a week (or two) of tests pertaining to his Parkinsons.  Our day began with trying to get out of the house for his evaluation at the Mat Su Regional Outpatient Clinic.

Has Yuuki given up bird hunting? Is she guarding the chicks? Is this the start of a beautiful relationship between her and the chickens? I'm not sure, but I found her cuddled by the brooder this morning.

Maybe she's resigned to being a bird-dog with a house full of chickens. 

After Michael's appointment we dropped by Spendards looking for plans to build a shed or chicken coop.

I asked Michael to find some used canning supplies and he came through! We drove out to Meadow Lakes and picked up over 10 dozen canning jars (mostly pints, 3 dz quarts and some 1/2 pints), and a water bath canner. It was fun to visit with the couple. Their children all live in Alaska, but they've decided to move outside to Idaho. They had a beautiful place. Robby gave me some ideas of canning fish, taco meat and rice and beans.....

We don't often stop for lunch, but today, Michael suggested a lunch date in the middle of the busy.

We stopped at Lowes - no plans. Michael has been working on plans and will stick with his. If we forget something essential for a chicken coop, we'll add it later. LOL

Michael and Alex made a trip to the Recycling Center.

I settled in to wash and store jars and to continue drying a case of Fuji apples.

Stacia helped BreAnne with the kids. Our youth went to youth group. Michael and I walked around and talked about placement of various things on the property. He had some new ideas for the greenhouse and chicken coop and run.  We continue to work on burning out one of the stumps...

Stacia continues getting to know her new 18 pets.

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