Sunday, July 22, 2018

Full Day

Dad said it best, "This was a full day."

The day began with a run to the Fred Meyer Deli on the way to church. Life has been far to busy for me to prepare for a potluck. Chicken it was. Michael, Stacia and I had nursery this week. Alex and Dad went to the outdoor service. Nolan was working, but joined us when he was through.
Arielle took the photo - I haven't bugged him at work 

Jamin had to work today, but the rest of the kids came over to spend the afternoon with Dad and to eat dinner together. Again- Freddie's Deli to the rescue.

We enjoyed being outside together. Bella discovered the sweet strawberries in the bed. It was fun to watch her pick and eat them.

JaRissa had Ladder ball in the back of their car. Another fun game to add to our collection. 

Michael took Dad to get a 24 hour fishing license.  We're taking him out tomorrow. Praying for safety and success. Cory got home about the time they did. Michael brought ice cream home too. JaRissa, CoRielle and Cy stayed for ice cream and then left for their homes.
Jared and Larissa
While Arielle was talking, with her back to Dad, he fed Benny ICE CREAM. My word. That child came alive.

All are settling in for the evening. Michael is getting fishing gear together.

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