Thursday, July 12, 2018

Independence Mine State Historical Park

We are looking for things we can do with little walking/hiking. Our goal is to make Alaska accessible to Dad and to minimize the pain Michael experiences from our outings.

Today, we headed to Independence Mine State Historical Park.  This is a short drive from our town. We've simply been focused on moving in, school, therapy and now summer projects. It was good to take a day to play!!! The goal was to have projects done by July so we could play. They aren't done, but we need to start playing - summer will be over far too soon. This is a spot we'd been to as a family when stationed here - 2002-2005. We FORGET that Alex and Stacia will not remember those spots....we've got to get out and show them Alaska. Stacia thinks Alaska is just about perfect and she's only seen Anchorage and the valley. ::wink::

We stopped to see the Little Su. The water was CLEAR (a lot of our rivers are made up of glacial silt - MUD). The drive was gorgeous. It was rejuvenating to simply be out in nature.

Myself and Dad 
A view of some of the buildings still standing 

We toured the museum and imagined ourselves living in this little community in the 1940's. As Arielle said, "Except for the war - the 40's is our time." The clothes, the values, the simpler life....Stacia was amazed at the player piano. I told her it was pre-programmed keyboard of the 40's. These two were the cutest thing in the museum. 
Great Gpa Paul and Benny (Bennett)

Stacia and Me 

Dad and Michael were interested in the machinery and engines. 

It was getting cold and so Arielle took Benny into the little gift shop. I ventured in and discovered hot drinks for a donation. I promptly made a donation and we enjoyed some hot drinks.
Stacia, Arielle/Benny, Gpa Paul, Alex 
Oh my heart! Benny is warming up to Gpa Paul. 

We didn't hike everywhere, but we saw a lot and enjoyed the drive. We'll be back and hike up to this cabin, explore the trails and Summit Lake....when we can take the RV and do it at a pace that works for us.

Our little town through the pass

Note - there will be a video with more shots and details.

Dad came home and slept the rest of the day - right through Life Group.

Michael told his therapist on Friday his pain level was 4...she wanted to do what he'd done. Her response, "Good for you." Yes, it was good for all of us to make a fun family memory.

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