Thursday, December 27, 2018

4th Day of Christmas - Benny's Firsts and More

After yesterday's project fail, Stacia and I knew we had to call in a lifeline. Stacia reminded me Jacque had said to call if we ever needed sewing help. We called,  and Jacque spent five HOURS with us. She helped us figure out the pattern. Hint: They print directions on both sides. 🐽

Stacia and Jacque
 I thought she'd stay to help us figure out the directions, and leave us on our own, but she STAYED.  I loved that she told Stacia what to do and then watched STACIA do it, rather than jumping in to do it herself. It was a very beneficial lesson - though she doesn't do lessons. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

Stacia finished one of her projects - I won't show you yet - it's a Christmas secret. She laid out another, cut it out and began sewing. I worked on one of my projects beside her, mine doesn't require a pattern. I love having the table big enough for both of us to sew side by side. When our eyes were going blurry, and our brains were fuzzy, we laid the projects aside for another day.

Our time with Jacque  was the essence of church community. We are blessed.

 At some point during the  sewing, Arielle invited Krista to play in the yard with their family.
Krista (standing) Arielle, Cory and Benny (in front)

Benny's first time sledding and he wasn't loving it! 

They've all gone crazy! 

What is THAT?????

Never again, guys, never.again! 

THIS is how I prefer to travel

Krista got in on the fun

Krista may give Arielle a run for the wipe out Queen title

Krista is working to get individual time with each of her siblings while she is home. She took Arielle and Benny to DQ for Benny's first experience in the play land. This post should be titled Benny's Firsts.....
Now THIS is MUCH better than that cold ride....

Benny offered his opinions on Gramps' car shopping

Wow! Gramps, this is the one! 

We were too tired for games tonight. We forgot the scavenger gift hunt. Arielle loaned us "Christopher Robin." We enjoyed the movie. Thus ends the 4th Day of Christmas. 

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