Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

The countdown seemed to move quickly this year! 

We had a few errands to run. Krista stayed home and started  Tortilla soup in the crock pot. It's wonderful having her home!  Alex stayed with her. Nolan was working.  Stacia and I dropped Michael at Great Cuts. We stopped by the library and then on to Fred Myers. I needed to buy a couple of things for tomorrow's dinner - the ingredients for a Jesus cake. The decision was finally made.

I also looked for another air popper. I don't think I've mentioned three of my appliances didn't seem to fare well in the quake....the toaster, air popper, and instant pot all quit working last week. I didn't find an air popper I wanted. I'm not 100% sure what features matter to me. The one I had was a wedding gift. It did send out blue sparks when I unplugged it, before the quake. LOL  I know I want one with an on/off switch this time.  It was fun running into friends at the store. One always feels like they "belong," when they begin to run into friends at the commissary or local grocery store.

We got home about the time Jamin and Josiah arrived to spend the afternoon. Benny continues his fascination with the bells around the house.
Jamin and Benny 
 Group hug! 
Uncle Jamin, Uncle Josiah and Benny 
 Hello, Bright Eyes. This little man has cut 4 top, front teeth this week. 

::Drum Roll:::  This year's Jesus cake  - I was out-voted and we settled on an ice cream cake.  We compromised, one layer is EXTREME moose tracks and the other is cookies and cream. It turned out well. STACIA made the entire cake HERSELF.  This is the most laid back family meal I've prepared in a long time.  These two were happy to take care of the left-over ice cream.

Note - they are eating from the CARTON!!!!!
 A different Uncle and a different bell - Benny knows how to play the people in his life. 
Everyone needs an Uncle Cy
 Nolan was home,  Krista is home, Arielle is done with this semester, the boys are times.
Day One of munching on sugar - maybe Day 2 as we had quite a bit at the
Christmas Adam Tea

We haven't found a lot of Christmas lights in the area. We are used to neighborhoods lighting up the season. We heard about Vicki Way in Wasilla and drove out to check. It was by far the nicest we've found - but not as fantastic as I'd hoped.  We lived in the midst of Christmas lane in TX. Buses and church vans went up and down our street all month. ::snort:: 

 We headed from viewing lights to Matanuska Assembly of God for our Christmas Eve Service. Seven of our nine kids were with us - who would have foreseen this in our retirement years? CoRielle went to their own church service and JaRissa are in TX for the season.
Via Facebook....
We headed home and enjoyed Tortilla soup and Gorditas (Krista's gift). CoRielle arrived home and BreZaak and the kids joined us. We feel truly blessed for this period of time when all the Gherkins are nearby. 
Izaak, Bre, Jamin, Alex (behind Jamin), Krista, Bella on the floor

Gideon playing the keyboard, Arielle gesturing, Stacia in the "man chair" 
 These big brown eyes are to die for. Gideon enjoyed wearing the reindeer hat. 
Most often called Bubbie - as that is Bella's name for him. 
 Checking out the snow. 

Bella is a sweet-heart. She is FULL of energy. Her new thing is NOT to smile for pictures. In fact, as she saw me taking the one of Bubbie by the keyboard, she ran across the room, yelling, "No, Bubbie! No, no, no," and leaped in front of the camera. She's very photogenic and used to love having her photo taken - it's a phase.  She was playing with Auntie Arielle and nearly forgot the "no smile" edict.

Today was a great day for connection. Everyone is off work...nothing big on the agenda to steal our attention from simply being family - together. Eight of the nine kids, two of our three in-laws, and three grands.

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

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