Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Potluck & Bunco

It's ODD not to have a chapel staff Christmas Party, Chapel Party, PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) Christmas Party, Wing Christmas Party and 8-10 Squadron Christmas Parties to attend.  Odd indeed.  Tonight was our one and only "Christmas" party.  

We donned our holiday apparel and prepared to have fun hosting a Christmas Potluck and Bunco night at church.  It was a lighthearted evening  in a season of rushing for those who could fit it into their schedules. 
Opposites attract? 
The evening began with dinner.  This gave us time to sit and visit.  I was a bit worried there may not be enough food. I heard a couple remark we had enough food to feed the whole church. 

Bunco usually has four rounds/ 6 games each round. Last month Bunco was 3 1/2 hours....we added a potluck and a white elephant exchange and weren't sure how long it would all take. We settled on playing two rounds. We were done and cleaning a bit before 9 p.m.  just under 3 hours.  The timing was perfect for a snowy, winter night at the end of a long week. 

For prizes, everyone brought a white elephant gift; everyone went home with a "prize." It will be amusing to watch which groups are returned at future Bunco nights. 

White Elephant Gift tip number 1 - be sure you know which gifts your wife is trying to whisk out of the house....and don't select one of them when it's your turn to pick a prize. 

Laughing with those you share pews with on Sunday? Priceless! 

Ms. Bonnie decided she would like the ammo Robert had chosen. 
Highlights of the evening were meeting a new couple I'd not previously connected with on Sunday, sharing dinner with folks I could spend years with; and laughing, HARD together during the gift exchange. 

The kids had a youth lock in going at the same time. They had a great time. Stacia remarked, "It's the most tired and most awake I've ever been." I think she may have extrovert tendencies. ::snort:: 
He's not the Scrooge he likes to pretend to be! 

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