Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Full Sunday

We ended the evening at home with the kids, and the Eagle River Contingent (Josiah, Jamin and Larissa). You know it's a good game of Egyptian rat when the first aid kit is pulled out. 

You may remember Jared went to Juneau for what was thought to be a 3 week stint. He has been told to expect to be in Juneau for the entire legislative session. It will be 90-120 days. This reminds me of short notice deployment orders - back in the day - before deployments went to 190 - 200 - 400 days. Jared is learning much. This is a great opportunity for him. We were thrilled Larissa came out to spend the afternoon with us. We are praying for both of them as they face new challenges in the upcoming months. 

But before the games.....there was church....

Sweet Daisy is 2 1/2 months old and so expressive! Michael still has the "touch" with the young ones at church. 

Nolan met us for lunch, and then we headed home to meet up with the Eagle River Contingent.

Cory has been given a promotion! Yay Cory! The promotion comes with a raise and the designation of "full time." He's been working full time, but was hired as part time.  We love to watch God work out the details of his plans for the Gherkins. Cory and Arielle are working hard to finish up college. While Cory worked on school, Benny and Arielle came up to visit.  It's been fun to have a little one to play with the nativity this year.

Michael and I ducked out for a bit to go to a house warming for a young friend. Of COURSE, this would be the only picture I took of the event. ::snort:: It was yummy tea. Her home is beautiful, and it was pure joy to be part of blessing her home and thanking God for his guidance in her life.

 Back at home we played with boxes, face timed Jared, visited, and played games. 
Uncle Cy has ideas with the box....Benny approved ideas! 
 It was predictable. With all the new toys in the house, the box at the end of the hallway was destined to be the favorite toy. 
Uncle Jamin took over the plane rides
It was a full day. We continue to wait with BreZaak for the arrival of their new little blessing.

*Note it is my goal to get the Christmas decor down this week.....but things happen.

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