Monday, January 14, 2019


YIKES! It's the 14th of the month! How did THAT sneak up on me? I woke this morning with the realization I'd not entered expenses, balanced the account, nor paid bills. However, the kids' work samples and grades are due tomorrow and I want them done TODAY.

TODAY is Dad Earl's 102nd birthday (though he's celebrating in heaven). Bre is due to have our sweet one at any time. I think if I take care of the work samples and finances today, I am available to go watch Bella and Gideon at a moment's notice.

Number one on the agenda was to send in work samples. I was making good time and done before noon.

Next on the agenda, pay became apparent several bills were due TODAY.  We also have books at the library that needed to be picked up TODAY.

Stacia and I ran to the bank, post office, dentist, MTA , library, and Enstar.....My word - I had the funniest experience at MTA involving a room full of seasoned citizens and the need for them to take a class on live streaming  in order to enjoy their "new cable."  "Something is wrong with this world if a man has to take a class just to watch T.V."

On the way home we stopped at Three Bears for a few groceries to tide us over until I can carve out time for the monthly grocery trip.

Three bears is an uniquely Alaskan store. They sell big sides of meat cut to your specifications,  all kinds of traps, as well as bread, nails and peanut butter.  They sell some Kirkland brand things....a bit marked up. However, there is no annual fee and one doesn't have to drive to Anchorage to shop. 

We got everything done, had a bit of Mom/Daughter time in the mix, and got home in time to make dinner.  I think we are ready to settle in for the baby wait. 

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