Friday, January 11, 2019

They Built a Steam Engine

I was prepping for a busy day. Michael was talking with me. Around 0700 we had a good sized aftershock. While it was still building, I looked up and said, "We ARE having this meeting today even if this becomes a 7."

He laughed.

I left home at 0900 and didn't return until 5:00 p.m. (1700).  It was a full day of ministry. Our meeting, scheduled the same day as the quake is finally done!   Nolan and Alex had gone bowling with a couple of guys.

Stacia and Michael knocked it out of the park! They edited a narrative essay she'd written.

They applied her science lessons on buoyancy, pressure and steam power, and  built a little boat. Stacia informs me she is going to paint the boat pink, or at least add some flowers and such.
Manly looking - but it works

Stacia equipped the little boat with  a steam worked! 
Filling the reservoir with water

Lighting a little candle, which heats the water,
creates steam and powers the boat

 It sputtered to life and jetted around the tub. 

This is a short clip of the first attempt....I didn't catch the second run which was even more impressive.

The boys arrived home with stories of bowling and arcades.

We ate pizza - it IS Friday night.

 Michael sequestered himself to be sure he was ready for Men's group tomorrow morning. Nolan went to bed, he works at 0500 tomorrow.

Alex sat and played games on his kindle while Stacia and I watched some episodes from Season 5 of When Calls the Heart on Netflix.

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