Monday, February 04, 2019

Aging Body - Big God or The Week Turned Out Different That Expected LOL

On the Friday, the 25th, I had been lifting a 23  qt pressure canner filled with 2 layers of jars, I bent over,  and put my back out. It was so painful I couldn't stand or walk. I couldn't sleep in bed or roll over. If I sit for any length of time it was incredibly painful to get up.

I had been canning Chili Beans (8 quarts), pinto beans (9 pints) and Kokane (lake salmon) and trout (9 1/2 pints and 9 pints).  We don't really like fish. ::blush:: If I smoke these and then can them we can snack on them or use them as tuna. I had a plan to make a big batch of spaghetti sauce and can it - but my back woes called for complete rest. LOL

I spent Saturday and Sunday (26th and 27th) sitting in a recliner with ice and heat. I got a lot of reading done over the weekend. I finished "Half the church," "The Blue Parakeet," "Stand by Me" and "Come to the Table." I began "Prayer," by Timothy Keller and my reading slowed considerably.  Josiah and Jamin dropped by on Sunday night. Josiah proved himself to be Stacia's continuing hero by killing spiders in her room.

I knew I needed to get UP on Monday and finish pulling together the reading plan and resources for our new study of 1 John. I needed to pass out these materials at the last week of our Jonah study. It took me 8 hours. Yes, I HAD done some of it before. HOWEVER, I did the math wrong and thought we only had 80 verses to cover. I had scheduled it for a 4 week stint to end when spring break began. It became clear poor math basics had struck when I finished the 4th week and had chapters left. ::snort:: I started over, it will take 5 weeks and we'll skip our break between studies so we still finish by Spring Break.
Sticky notes and a pen - my favorite tools for thinking through a study

Monday my back hurt pretty bad, but I could get up and hobble around. I did cringe and moan from time to time.

Tuesday (29th) I did NOT do my monthly shopping. I knew I would be miserable by the evening study if I didn't take it easy. Stacia was my legs and we inventoried the freezer and the pantry. Then we created a 4 week menu and finally generated a shopping list based on that for the month of February. I hoped to go shopping on Wed. At this point I still thought it was essential to go shopping before Life Group on Thursday - but I've said that since the first week in January.
Recipes on the ipad, dinner ideas, shopping list and the pantry list in my bujo

My back simply wasn't cooperating on Wednesday.  Shopping didn't happen on Thursday either. I stayed in my recliner and rested, prayed and read.  I also watched Benny and was amused by photos Stacia took of my favorite chicken, Rosie.
Hey there, Bright Eyes! 

WHAT are you doing? 

Rosie - our favorite hen

Even Michael likes her - he's checking out some feather loss

Thursday night some at Life Group prayed for my back. When everyone left I realized my back felt better than it had for days. I slept in bed for a few hours before having to move to the recliner.

I woke up Friday (1st) and was AMAZED at how much better my back felt. It was achy at times but  it wasn't the PAIN I had had all week. I could dress without crying. I was walking a bit faster.  I had prayed all week for God to heal my back, in His time he did just that.

I led our last Jonah study on Friday morning (yes, we have two groups Tuesday night and Friday morning). I knew I needed to rest in the afternoon and not push too much as we had Friday evening plans as well.

Benny loves to perch at the stairs leading from their
apartment to "upstairs" where "his people" live. 

Cory and Benny - so sweet together

I woke on Saturday and felt great. In a burst of energy I decided to do the canning I'd not been able to do during the week. I filled the pressure canner with chicken and beans and started it heating up. While it was doing it's thing I planned to get the spaghetti sauce started.....
Optimistic - Let's Get er Done! 
I had a freak accident. I grabbed a gas, lit Michael said, I  branded myself. I spent the next hour with my hand under ice-cold running water. Michael brought home some lidacaine and I switched to ice for the night. Hard to sleep standing near running water or with a bowl of ice water in bed. It could have been so much worse.

Benny entertained me by showing me his ball throwing skill. LOL 

Once again I was in pain. It DID feel much better by Sunday morning. It was blistering and throbbing, but wasn't driving me to tears. A friend prayed with me in the restroom. The throbbing settled down during worship.

At home I took the band aids off and the BLISTERS WERE GONE! Imagine, I got to see God work in my broken body twice in one week. I never would have seen it without the pain to cause the know? I am content with the whole thing. LOL  My fingers still have some discoloration and two of them are numb where they were burned....but I am amazed the blisters just disappeared.  I took the opportunity to finish canning the sauce.
This weekend's work - 11 qts sauce, 6 pts chicken, 8 pts black beans 
That brings us to today! Today was to be the first day of my new choosing health regime. I wanted to work out but knew I needed to go to the library and get the monthly shopping done. I also needed to look up a tricky doctrinal issue in 1 John before tomorrow night. I started on 1 John. Hours later, I forced myself to take a shower so I could run the errands and go shopping.

We got 5 inches of snow last night. Stacia and I shoveled around the van and cleaned it off, scarped the windows....and it wouldn't start. The battery was DEAD.  We came inside to talk about what we should do. Michael was sleeping in the living room. We talked in the kitchen and I said, "Maybe we should take your Dad's truck."

"What???, What is going on?" ::snort::

Now we know how to wake him up. Michael went to get a new battery for the van. He also ran the library errand and got my account unblocked. I owed .50.  It was apparent there was no time to do a monthly shopping trip, so I started chicken to make enchiladas, changed into my workout clothes, and got 45 min on the elliptical in after all.

Maybe I'll go shopping tomorrow. Maybe not. It doesn't'll get done....surely before Life Group. ::snort::

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