Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In Step at Reflections Lake

Gather Women Ministry is breaking from corporate Bible Studies this summer. I'm sure several, like me, are enjoying the time to branch out on our own. I'm working through Psalms.  Instead of meeting weekly for study, we have a few active small groups. In Step - is a walking club/group...today was our first walk.  It was SO much fun, I wish we were doing them every other week, or weekly. 😊 The weather was perfect! High 70's, blue skies.  Stacia complained it was TOO HOT! She's going to have to turn in her "Texas born" card.
Reflections Lake

Our first walk was the loop around Reflections Lake.  We had 7 adult women, and their children. Here's a photo of 6 of the ladies (Nani caught up with us), and all the children except Harper. Harper was a great sport and took the photo for us. We have another one she is in which Arielle took.
Arielle, SiaKayle, Lindsey, Me, Stacia, Jen  and tribes
Photo by Harper

I was happy Arielle and Benny joined us. Arielle is part of  a Valley Walking Moms Group - or some such name - but she and Benny are usually up for an adventure and were happy to come along. We worked to tire Benny out so Arielle could come home and get school done. A well-executed plan.
This girl will finish her bachelor degree by August. 

 Daisy is our youngest walker. 
SiaKayle and Daisy

Yes, I'm still a baby snatcher

Arielle, Benny and Stacia looped us. That's what power walking will get you. They met up with Nani and caught up with us. 
Stacia, Nani, Arielle

After we navigated the loop, we found a grassy spot with a beach for a picnic. We had the area to ourselves. The girls had been asking me about perfect skipping rocks....and here they are showing Benny how to skip rocks....he didn't quite get the hang of it...but had a blast with the girls.
Arielle, Benny, Sidney, Harper, Penelope

Lunch time! 
Lindsey, Caleb, Jen, Josiah, Nani

It was only a matter of time until they got in the water. I realized anew, when my "mommy radar" went off , how happy I am to be in an Alaskan lake  - without snakes. 
Pen and Benny

Matching salads.😏
Photo by Lindsey 

A picture of Lindsey and me. Lindsey is our sweet pastor's wife. 
Photo by Lindsey

This was a great time of fellowship...moving naturally in nature, building community, de-stressing....connecting....cultivating authentic relationships. Our next walk isn't until July 9th...but Nani and I are going to go out next week and scout the best part of the trail for the group to walk.....

We ended the night with Farkle. Arielle, the interloper, showed up at the table.πŸ˜‰ Benny took a few photos....this one actually has body parts it is proper to publish. 

Three games were played....that stinker, Arielle, won one, πŸ˜› then Alex and Michael. I think Stacia and I are due! πŸ˜€ Or maybe Stacia has one and it's me that is due. πŸ˜…

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