Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Phenomenal Workout Partner

Our exercise equipment is in the garage for the time being. The downstairs living room will become a workout/game room sometime this fall.  It has taken time for me to be content working out in the garage. The lights buzz, it's crowded, flies attack... BUT, today, I discovered the funniest reason to work out in the garage.

It provides a phenomenal opportunity for fun workout partners. 

Lucille is our free range hen. After she healed from the weasel attack, the others didn't accept her back in the yard. They tore open her side. She healed from that. They tore open another spot. She WANTS to be back with the others.

We have been letting the new chicks out during the day. She picks on them. She wanted back into the chicken yard and so we let her back with the other. Last night she had a bloody comb. She is back to free ranging and sleeping in the garage on my freezer.

Evidently she decided to check out all the excitement in this part of the garage. 

I finally had to stop and get her down. I had visions of her leaving a deposit on the treadmill.

Lucille is our healthiest looking hen. All the others have plucked bare behinds - I don't know that we can break them of this nasty habit. I'm worried about putting our new ones in with them.

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