Monday, December 02, 2019

Busy Monday or WHEW the Paint Fumes....

Everyone should start the day with some puppy love. 

While Carl and Michael painted in the garage....

...Arielle and Stacia went to the house to hang doors. We are sure going to miss having them here...but we are praying they can move into their home soon. They are working so hard...this is a tough pace to maintain.

And...with all that going on....I played with Benny. Papa and Baachan have some new toys in our home. I took advantage of the Black Friday sales to step up our winter fun options. Our kids loved these dinosaurs by Schleich in Germany. They are heavy and well-built. In fact, I purchased ours nearly 30 years ago and they went through five boys....they are still in good shape...but's a piece of THEIR childhood after all...and for a military brat there aren't many pieces to hold on to....I started our second set with the BOGO sales.

There comes a time when even a homeschooling Baachan needs to be sure everyone is safe so she can get on with other chores.

As I said, we are going to miss Benny in our basement. He comes up to visit quite often and is the highlight of GG's day.

After dinner we watched a couple of Christmas clips/teachings from Right Now Media. We had the best time starting to go through Buck Denver's 5 min family devotions. They are written for pre-school to elementary school age, but we laughed until we cried at the discussion it prompted. As everyone shared their favorite thing about Christmas I realized I would probably be voted off the island if I quit making cinnamon rolls on Christmas Morning. LOL There are 12 of them and we are sure we will all be home at least 12 nights before Christmas. We watched the first episode....Why is Christmas so Confusing? 

We closed the night with a couple rounds of Farkle. Tonight's winners are Krista and GG.

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