Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Busy Day

I discovered running out the door, down the steps, and into the garage in -18* cold wearing t-shirt sans gloves and coat, adds extra energy to a workout!  Phoenix gave me a bit of a start! I'd forgotten he was sequestered in the garage. We hope he recovers.

Arielle worked today; Cory had the day off but wanted to get some work done on their house. I plan to have Benny on instead of me going THERE....Benny came HERE for  Baachan day. He was excited about it.  He let GG and Baachan both know he loved us.  It's always good when the grands come over - makes Dad's day!

Benny and GG 
I hadn't expected to be home all day, but Benny was here so it wasn't a good office or study day. LOL  I made use of the time to do a bit of meal prep. I roasted 3 big pans of veggies....about 1/3 of it got eaten before reaching the fridge. LOL  These are great for meals, Autumn Breakfast Casserole,  and to throw in omelets and soups. I made chicken salad...lean protein for snacking and throwing on lettuce for lunch.
Benny's a great help with veggie prep
I had hoped to can some chicken I found on sale - maybe tomorrow. I need to can some more beans and maybe rice too.

I'm finally realizing - with our family schedule - dinner is going to be at 5 p.m. more often than not. That makes for a very short time off between school and dinner....but it will work best.  I made some white saucy meatball and pasta thing for everyone. I didn't feel much like the meatball part of the show and settled for broccoli and sauce. LOL

Krista is leading youth group. We took Alex and Stacia to youth group and then shared a pre-marital counseling session with a young couple.

In between it all Michael and I worked to transfer files from the Dell laptop to my new HP laptop.

We're ready to call it a day.

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