Saturday, January 04, 2020


Alex went to work.

I sequestered myself in the study for an hour. 

Everyone else spent a relaxing morning, until.....

The Saturday morning quiet came to an abrupt end! The door slammed open and I KNEW...."Baachan, I'm HERE!!!"

Arielle and Benny came to visit. He played with Dash, Stacia's rabbit. 

Papa handed him a piece of wood on one of his trips to the woodbox...Benny was THRILLED.  "I'm Papa's big helper."

Oh....and Arielle and Kimber were here too! ::snort:: 

I booked my airplane tickets to CA for the Travis Women of the Chapel retreat. Krista bought that bright light - a happy light. LOL 

Nolan picked up Alex and the two of them went bowling  with a couple of guys from church.

Wayne, the original owner of our home stopped by. He and Michael enjoy visiting. 

I got out some old candlesticks and put the advent away. It's time....or so I've been told. 

When the boys got home we had our family gift exchange. I'll get to those photos "soon." 

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