Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Yes, I believe this qualifies as an-honest-to-goodness snow storm.  As the temps begin to warm up we get MORE SNOW....and more light...all in all this mess is a sure sign winter is entering a new phase...spring/ BREAK UP will eventually come. I've begun to dream of seeds and gardens.

This was our view this a.m.  Our mountains have disappeared.

Almost time for winter bonfires

I wasn't getting out of this conveniently placed door - it leads to the backyard and the chicken coop, garden etc.
That's a lot of snow
The chickens were not impressed one bit. Some of the more courageous ones were willing to venture out of the coop. The new roofed area is priceless. Next year, I may put a barrier on the fence to help with wind.

The roads were bad - but I had  a schedule to keep. I picked up Alex at work and we headed to the doctor. He's been having trouble with his ankle/foot now that he is working 8 hour shifts at McDonald's.

On the way to get Alex I experienced a truly frightening winter driving episode. The roads hadn't been plowed. Everyone was driving 35 or 40 mph - a sure sign it's "Alaskan bad." Alaskans don't slow down for anything.  The turn onto the road which leads to us was barricaded with 2 feet of a snow berm. I plowed through....and then as I zipped into town at 40 mph...all the snow from my roof slid onto my windshield. I hoped there was nothing in the way and pulled off the road. It took a lot of work to clear the car.

When we came home, Michael and Stacia were out clearing the driveway and indicated we should park at the head of the driveway. We jumped out and began helping....it took 2 1/2 hours to clear it...as more cars joined the driveway line up. The school district sent Krista home early. She said she couldn't figure out why until she neared our area. LOL
It's hard to show snow depth 
Michael and Stacia 

 We spent the rest of the sunlight hours clearing snow....

Up by the road

We attempted to make an easy route for Dad's paper delivery. 
Nolan got off work and joined the fun

I took a step and sunk up to my thighs. I told Dad he needs to let us get the paper for the next few days. 

I have never hit Michael with a snow ball in 37 years. He was properly surprised....

The power went out for quite a bit of time. We were happy to have kept my lamp from Liberia....and candles....the woodstove proved it's worth and the gas cook top was perfect for heating up some dinner.

Games by candle light

We cancelled Ladies Bible study for the night. We are all wondering if school will have a late start tomorrow. Alaska "never" cancels school because of snow....

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