Saturday, March 14, 2020

Social Distancing at it's Best

We are a family which lives in close proximity to each other. We have a couple of high risk members. Note, neither are with us on this adventure.  We took our contact with each other out into nature. No one else came into contact with us. It was a GREAT lift to our spirits and a reminder time will pass and spring will arrive...The sun was AMAZING today! 

Any day which begins with moose in the yard and thieves oil difussing in the living room has to be good.
 Note - "someone" keeps turning the diffuser off. I've questioned all and scrutinized when it gets turned off...seems Grandpa may not like the thieves oil. 

Arielle had a meeting to attend today. I stopped by to play with Benny. He began the morning by displaying a yoga stretch for me.

He helpfully assisted with the eating of my homemade, sugar-free, cinnamon roll. My tea was safe. 

At some point in the day he wanted to watch Curious George. I cannot figure out how to make their TV work....but I did figure out how to make popcorn. Baachan score!  He was content to sit in front of the quiet screen with popcorn.  I consider it a win win.

Kimber alerted Benny to strangers outside. See him peeking out on the other side of Kimber. I checked it out - maybe another moose? 

No it was "UNCLES....and yay-ya and co-co." We decided to let them in. Benny outfitted everyone with a reading book. All is well. Note the social distancing in spacing of individuals.

While Arielle was at her meeting, these had picked up Alex from work with the plan  I'd shortly be available and we'd all go to Reflection Lake. This was my ONE spring break goal and it hadn't happened.

Unbeknownst to these 4, Josiah and Jamin had called to see what we were doing on this bright, sunny afternoon. They decided to meet us there.

Arielle got home and heard the plan and she and Benny joined us. Perfection. Not only did I get to walk around Reflection Lake...I got to do it with seven of the nine Gherkins, two grand dogs and one grand blessing. A win all the way around.

And THIS is what social distancing looked like today in nice to be OUT in nature...and yet, we were far away from others....and in fact...when this many people live in one home...there is contact. We just took the contact outside...we didn't come in contact with anyone besides ourselves...and it lifted all our spirits...because we are that sort of a family.

The lake is's beautiful in any season. 

Nolan, Josiah, Me
 Benny alternated between insisting on BLAZING trails....
"Baachan - lets go this way!"
OK - LETS.  

Photo via Arielle 

...and being carried by various uncles. 
Benny and Uncle Axe
 As a side note - no one carried Baachan at all. 

There is a little "island" in the middle of the lake that has needed exploring. Today was the right day to get to it...nothing spectacular as it turns out. LOL Note the spacing of individuals....close but safe.
Josiah, Krista, Stacia and Cody is to the right
We checked out some "ice fishing holes" and discovered they were NOT ice fishing holes...the ice is melting out here in the middle of the lake...water was bubbling up.....

Coooo-DEEE! He loves the snow. 
My favorite Horgi - it's a thing - check it out

Stacia and Cody 

Arielle and Kimber
 Some of the crew - notice the skill it took to get not even ONE face looking at the camera with a group this size. LOL 
Arielle, Benny, Krista, Nolan, Alex, Jamin 
Photo via Krista 
 At the END of the hike, Benny pulled this out of his pocket...He carried it from home, on the ride, along the lake....His timing of the revelation reveals a strategist? 

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