Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday

No Good Friday services or gatherings.....and yet, a new awareness of how much daily Hope flows from this one day in history.

A lot can change in 3 days.

My life is certainly changed because of an event which happened outside of Jerusalem on that far off Good Friday.

I am thankful.

God will not rest from His redemptive work until every aspect of His creation has been made new again...He saves our souls from eternal damnation...But he also came to unleash his powerful restoring grace as far as the furthest effect of sin...His redemptive mission is as complete as sin's destruction is comprehensive...Your Redeemer knows. Your Redeemer understands. Your Redeemer cares. His grace has been unleashed and it's work will not be done until every last sin-broken thing has been fully and completely made new again. Be encouraged, your Redeemer is at work! Paul David Tripp in "New Morning Mercies." 
I am thankful for the Redeemer who paid the price to cover all the sin-broken areas in my life.

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