Saturday, May 09, 2020

Pass Through Prayer

*Written July 13, 2020

Mother's Day was approaching and it was obvious we would not be back in church. The weeks of "staying at home" were wearing on people.  We weren't sure how much longer we'd be unable to meet in person. What could we do?  We settled on a Pass Through Prayer event on Saturday, May 9th.  

People stayed in their cars. Pastoral Staff wore gloves and masks. We'd connect and pray with anyone who came through and we'd give Mom's a gift ahead of Mother's Day. The weather cooperated - it was gorgeous. 
Excited to see everyone

One is never sure how many will come to an event like this, especially on a gorgeous afternoon in May. The vast majority of those who attend our church stopped by. It was great to see each other, share concerns, and  pray together - in person. 

This was just what many of us needed during this time. 

Check out the Star Wars masks
Krista and I didn't have to worry about social distancing...
Dad and Alex came to get out! 

This is one of my favorite memories from the months of shut down. We'd not realized how deeply we'd miss seeing each other...the joy at just a quick connection is something we will remember for years to come. It's been a blessing to be a part of a church body that flexed so easily to meet changing needs in an uncertain time.

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