Tuesday, July 07, 2020

CoRielle's Big News

CoRielle have posted their news online and so I will cement the info here on our family blog.

Last night CoRielle and Benny surprised us with a visit.  We were thrilled as we knew they were having an ultrasound....they showed us these photos.  I saw the the 3D's first and I could see they said the gender was "boy"....I got to that top one there and said, "Wow - he's got quite the Gherkin nose on him already." ::snort::
Via Arielle's photos 

"Mom! That's his legs and bum and..."

"Oh!  Yep, definitely a boy!"

Arielle had been hoping for a girl (signs seemed to point that way) and they hadn't given a thought to a boy's name...but when she was told it was a boy she said, "Oh, you mean Daniel?"  Maybe a Daniel in the group. Until they say for SURE I will try various D names on for size....because they have an A, B and C.....Today I called him Dimitri.
Via Arielle's Photos
 She's a little shell-shocked at the idea of two boys,  but she's a great boy mom. Bennet is adventurous, loving, kind and brave.  She's got this....and Cory and Benny are over the moon excited. 
Via Arielle's photos 

Such an enthusiastic big brother. Benny says he will teach his brother how to pee on rocks, poop in the woods (a recent accomplishment of his πŸ˜…),  and fight bad guys (bugs)!  I suppose those really are the key tricks for an Alaskan boy. 

Via Arielle's photos

Benny tries to put the baby in HIS tummy. 
Via Arielle's photos 
Stay tuned. I'll share BreZaak's news when they've shared it online.

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