Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Millie Teaches Us Several Lessons

LOOK at her! 10 weeks old...and teaching us so many lessons....
That's my new spatula in her mouth
 Lessons learned: 1. Be SURE to close the dishwasher - spatulas make great puppy teethers, and 2. Be sure to push chairs into the table. To think Michael doesn't want a cat because they climb on the tables.

Millie woke this morning with boatloads of excess energy - she was rambunctious. We've learned in 3 short weeks she needs to be playing, busy, and active to work through that energy...or she bites....shoelaces in this case, but her favorite spot is the back of knees. Often these behaviors clue us in that she is BORED.

Lesson 3: many of us it takes a bit to actually begin the workout, but in the end we're glad we did it. Millie always ends up liking her walks. 

CoRielle have been bringing Kimber over for puppy play dates. The two of them are amazing to watch. Well....scary-amazing. I swear they are going to kill each other...but tails usually wag, credentials are exchanged, and there is usually no growling....We sent Arielle a Marco Polo during our morning walk. She was JUMPING down the road....

Arielle decided it would be a good idea to bring Kimber over for a puppy play date. 
Photo via Arielle's phone

Cory said Kimber would put Millie in her place and she'd learn proper behavior....but um.... Often Kimber rolls over and lets Millie climb on top of her, biting at her neck and pawing her all over....and when Kimber has had enough she gets up and Millie summersaults away. Kimber is such a patient big doggy cousin.
Photo via Arielle's phone

Every once in a while Kimber forgets how strong she is...and Millie has no clue what appropriate behavior is....but we have found she is much more compliant and sleepy after a good puppy date with Kimber.
Photo via Arielle's phone
Not only did Kimber and Millie have a playdate - Benny was reunited with Auntie Coco

Millie met her new vet today.  It's all curbside and we were sad as we sent her off to her fate. She got her 2nd set of shots. Lesson 4 - sometimes strange places DO REALLY HURT!

The vet  said she's doing fine. He said if she likes to walk - it's fine for her to walk as far as she wants to walk, we had been told it was too early. He also said some dogs love to run and if she seems to enjoy it she can begin running with Stacia at any time, rather than waiting 18 months. He did say not to run her until she is totally spent...but 3 - 5 miles should be o.k.  He gave us things to keep her away from in order to avoid parvo...and said not to be overly worried about salmon and moose poop. Hey - these are big puppy owner questions up here.

I had thought she could be clipped after these shots...shows how new we are to puppies. It will be another 2 months before she is done with all these shots....and THEN she can visit a groomer. I wonder if the problem is the clipping or just going where others dogs are. Maybe we'll need to learn how to trim a labradoodle.

Let's see  - Millie  got into the garden and romped in the corn rows G Dog had weeded.

She has started peeing in the HOUSE....and so we are stepping up her training in that area. Feel free to share your ideas. I'm SO thankful we only have one carpet in our house.

Through it all - we love this dog. She is MUCH better at biting. Cat and Travis were a huge help in this area, as was a Zak George YouTube Video.  Michael says her attitude reminds him of his childhood dog. She's cuddly and loving and pure fun....with quite a bit of chaos added in. She's perfect for us. AND NO HAIR...we shed more than she does!

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