Sunday, July 12, 2020


Everyone thinks Sunday afternoons are made for napping or curling up with a book! 

Early Sunday mornings are great for walking....except this morning I met Mama Moose and her teeny baby. She's proven to be touchy.  Usually the moose look up at me, and go back to munching. I can cross on the opposite side of the road....but since I had the experience of watching moose RUN at my car....I'm a bit leery - especially if teeny babies are involved.

How DID I get from the red dot back to the green dot? I usually would have turned around and back-tracked but I knew I didn't have time for a 6 mile walk. 

 I called Stacia and her phone wasn't working. I knew Michael is likely to sleep through his phone. I called Nolan. He graciously got up on his day off work and came to my rescue. I met a nice tourist and pointed out the moose to her as I waited.  It was frustrating not to finish my planned walk...but I'm learning in a variety of ways, it really isn't "all or nothing."  This was a truthful try - even though I didn't totally succeed at my try. LOL

We were happy to be back at church this Sunday. Still no word on Krista's test result. We are hoping she'll be able to fly home on Tuesday. There is a chance she'll have to have another test when she lands and isolate until THOSE results are back too. 

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. Arielle and Benny stopped by.  Michael and Benny had a great time on the trampoline. They also played baseball. It was heart-warming.  I teased Benny  it was time to take a nap - but he wasn't having it. 

Kimber and Millie are wild about their puppy play dates. 

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