Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Adventures

Saturday morning and Krista has not received test results. She will not be home this evening.

I enjoyed a solitary 5.7 mile was drizzly, clear, pouring and drizzly....lots of variety is always nice. ::snort::

I simply can't get enough of the mountains, the roads, being OUTSIDE. 

The kids were up and doing household chores when I got home. An outing was proposed. In the end Alex wasn't feeling good, Michael wanted to plant a couple of trees, Nolan stayed to help him and GG isn't up to walks....and it was raining. 

Stacia and I grabbed Millie and headed out...we stopped at a popular fishing spot...and discovered a nice hiking path...we also got all the intel on how and where to get the reds and kings (salmons).

We noted though everyone knew the perfect spot to catch em - we didn't SEE any salmon anywhere! Not one on a line or in a cooler etc.  It cleared up enough for us to enjoy our walk.

We spent time trying to figure out HOW all these cars got down to the river's edge...up and down the bank. 

We plan to come back again - with a lunch and a boat....and a pole or two - just in CASE there ARE reds and kings in here. 

While we enjoyed this spot - it wasn't the one we set out to find. We decided to move on over to the lake we had originally been aiming for. I got us a bit beyond where we needed to be as I was on the old highway.  It rained pretty hard as we arrived - so we waited it out in the car. Millie was napping.

Stacia has the leash around her waist. When she begins to teach Millie to run with her (18 months or so) this is the way she'll do she decided to try it on the walk. It worked well.

Everyone left the lake when it began to downpour. This was good for us. We had the place to ourselves until near the end of our walk. LOL 

We got home and had dinner, played some video games and relaxed. Millie slept well.  I walked a total of 8.36 miles when I added up both lakes and the morning walk.

Weekly Data from my Wellness Journey

  • 44.24 miles walked this week (real walks not steps)
  • 18,660 average steps a day 
  • 22 bites averaged a day 
  • 1,111 calories consumed a day 
Both my miles walked and daily step average are up! This is great. I'll see if I can maintain or increase....probably doing good to maintain but this is #justtryjuly2020 so I'll give it a shot. 

Bites and calories averaged out fine. I had some very heavy days and a couple of very light I may see about smoothing those out a bit - but it worked. LOL 

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