Thursday, July 16, 2020

Trailhead Treasures

We've noticed something since moving to Alaska...the trails are lovely....sometimes challenging, sometimes relaxing.

In the winter there is ice, snow, and the vision of the way ahead is comparitively clear. There is a sense of peace when hiking in Winter. The bears are sleeping. The moose are up high.  The boys have seen wolves. Hmm....

In the spring there is running water, mud, mud, mud....but no one cares much - the days are getting longer. The sun is out. Summer is a promise about to be fulfilled.

In the summer animals, wild flowers, and brush walks tall and loud...with bells or whistles if one rolls that way. Personally, we leave the bells and whistles and walk with lots of talking, laughing, and bear spray. One or two are known to carry - but I still don't.

In EVERY season there are copious amounts of leaverites....the stuff you discover and decide to "leave er right" where you find it.....Does your family use this term? It's a term made popular by Dad G when Michael was a young boy.

 Sometimes these things are left on the trail. Often, helpful hikers have collected them and left them at the trailhead. I call them trailhead treasures and I look to find at least one on every walk/hike. Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap photos until this spring - during the Covid mandates....when life was slooooowww enough for me to think such thoughts.

Without further ado a few of the trailhead treasures we've found this spring and summer....we left them all with the hopes their owners will remember where they lost them. Most likely the Fish and Game employees scoop up whatever is left and take them to the big bin in the sky.
Hats are popular spring trailhead treasures

Sure to notice the next time one needs gloves

Birch dressed for spring
The finder here gets points for creativity

A sure sign you're hiking in April - ice cleats left on a did those get left on a trail? I haven't a clue. LOL 

An obvious placed treasure - right at the trailhead up the street from our place. It was a fun surprise one fine May/Covid morning.

Treasures show up at local parks too 

Maybe the hat wanted to enjoy the view a bit longer

We've transitioned to summer - and maybe I should start a new post....there are no ice cleats, hats or gloves to be left behind. Naturally, one would expect to find fewer trailhead treasures. Unfortunately, one finds MUCH more trash than treasures left behind in the summer.

However, at a popular fishing spot, we found these - SOCKS. Our first pair of socks - and a pretty pair too. I was tempted - many of you know my sock fettish - but I LEFT THEM!

Any guesses as to what trailhead treasures we'll find next?

The adventure continues.

And, yes, I should be working on fish camp prep - getting right on it, NOW. 

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