Sunday, October 18, 2020

"Baby Snow"

Cory works on Sundays and Arielle and Benny often visit. I suspected, with the snow, they'd be over to play at Baachan's Playground. They made it home before the others got home from church. 

He noticed IMMEDIATELY GG's Mickey Mouse shirt. Score. GG wasn't so sure when I suggested he wear it today. I told him I bought it for him JUST for the grands who are all totally INTO Mickey. 

Dad acquired a stack of National Geographic Magazines during his time away. I put them in the front room and there are some amazing photos. Benny enjoyed looking at the photos...

He was quick to notice Baachan needed a little help. 

Benny went outside this morning and labeled the snow "Baby snow," but he did note it was cold. I meant to make it outside to play with them, but as often happens these days, something came up, one thing led to another and by the time I could break free....they were coming back inside. LOL  Thanks to Arielle for sharing some photos. 

Poor little guy had big emotions today. Mama began preparing his room for the addition of a new brother. Change can be hard for all of us. 

I was happy to have the outside visit today! 

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