Wednesday, January 06, 2021

12th Day of Christmas - Better than a Gift Exchange

 We try to hold our household gift exchange on the 12th day of Christmas - Epiphany - the day the Wiseman are celebrated for their visit to Jesus...but not so much this year. LOL 

This year we met at Sophia's, in our little part of Alaska with Patrick and Lila. Patrick and I first "met" in the days after the Tohoku quake/tsunami. He and Lila were planning to move to Japan as language teachers/missionaries.  He reached out to me to hear what we were experiencing. A friend of his knew my cousin...We managed one trip to Osaka to meet  in person before we were reassigned stateside. They have a daughter who LIVES in our town. I noticed a bit ago a photo posted which looked like OUR MOUNTAINS...and asked if they were up here. Today, Michael, Dad, Stacia and I met Patrick and Lila for lunch. 

It was great to catch up, share stories from a country we all still love, and encourage one another. They are now in WY, supporting their daughter and son in law as they work to revive a district church. 

Stacia would like to do a gap year in Japan after she graduates. Lila shared they have contacts she may be able to work/stay with in Osaka. Hmmm....much to pray about in the next two years. 

I thought I had forgotten to take a photo on this busy day but I found this on the camera roll.  A woman from the Philippines messaged me and asked me to give regards to Dad.  I responded and suggested to Dad, "Smile, let's send a photo back." 

Dad summed up the day best, "This was a good day." He got up in time to get showered, medicated, grab a quick bowl of cereal and head to Sophias for a couple of hours of good food and community. We got home and he read the paper, while we visited with another friend. We had a quick bite of dinner I had started early in the morning. He ended the day reading a bit more, while kids were coming and going. 

The day was busy...there was work, youth group, picking up meds, picking up kids, doctor's appointments, bits of counseling and meeting with other WAS a good day. A full day - I could use a bit less full of a day. We are still in the process of  finding our new normal, learning what works well in this season. We are starting to get a clear picture.  Days like this used to be our norm, they now seem good to limit to 1 or 2 days a week. We shall see. 

Walking Tally - 46 miles out of 100 miles 

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