Friday, January 08, 2021


 FRIDAY - Thank God. Seriously! 

The end of this long week found Stacia and I sitting at Sophia's sharing our take aways from John Chapters 1 - 6. We were determined to begin adding our "normal" into our  "new normal" this week. 

We rushed to be at Sophia's before 0900 so we could get 1/2 price drinks....we made it...and then discovered I had left my purse in our driveway. ::face plant:: We settled in anyway.  Nothing was going to steal this hard-earned time from us! 

This has been a challenging week for Dad. He's struggled with frustration, anger, and mood swings.... I finally had had ENOUGH. I gave myself a stern talking too and marched myself down to the pharmacy. When I was told Dad's med was STILL delayed, I didn't politely walk away. I DID politely ask to talk to the pharmacist. I calmly (and with a bit of a shaky voice because I don't usually question authority - much) shared they could SEE I had turned in this request 2 weeks ago. Dad still had meds at that point. It was a simple refill. In the past two weeks I have talked to pharmacists, doctors, and the insurance company numerous times. They can see the insurance company finally agreed to let dad continue on his med and I was told I could pick it up days ago. I explained Dad's condition and said  if it was going to take until Monday to get meds - someone needed to sell me a couple of pills NOW to get us through the weekend. Who knew it could be so easy? They gave me 5 days worth from the ones he will get on Monday. It shouldn't be this hard.

It also should not be this expensive. ::snort:: These pills have a $125 co-pay for 3 months. The blood thinners have a co-pay of $600 for 3 months...unreal. Another reason to take care of yourself in your 20's...just sayin.  

Arielle brought the boys over for an afternoon visit. This was just what we needed around here. 

Remember when you thought if you hid your eyes no one would see you? Stacia and Benny amused us with a rip-roaring game of hide and seek. 

Danny has kissable cheeks! He's got a sweet personality - coos and smiles galore this afternoon. 

No visit to Papa and Baachan's is complete without an indoor snowball fight! 
It's been a long, emotionally-draining week and we are going to rest well this weekend. 

AND - SUCCESS we are working to "find our new normal." We are carefully adding some of our "normal" back into this season. This week we added a zoom Bible study, Bible Babes, and our Mother/Daughter study back. Next week we are going to try to add the gym  a couple of days a week.  It takes a lot more planning, but we'll get it figured out. 

Because I need to mark this non-scale, I tucked a shirt in, wore a small jacket with horizontal stripes, and a BELT. 

Walking Tally - 53 miles out of 100 miles 

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