Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thankful Thursday


I finally realized if one pours slowly  - the teapot doesn't leak! 

The day began with a peaceful time in John 15. I may have followed a few bunny trails which led to not having time to share on Bible Babes. LOL 

Dad woke up at 5, but was a bit disoriented and went back to bed. 

I took advantage of his going back to bed to get a nice bit of miles in....treadmill and 30 min on the elliptical. I'm quite sure I will finish this challenge before Sunday. 

Just .75 miles at the tip to finish

Arielle said her walls were closing in and asked if she and the boys could stop by. ALWAYS. They arrived for lunch, just as I was getting back from dropping Stacia at work. The highlight of the day was playing tag and hide n seek with Benny. Michael played tag with him when he returned from picking up Alex. 

ALWAYS in motion 

I can't even. Look at those kissable cheeks...and the sweet baby rolls. Danny is certainly thriving. LOL  His smiles are precious and he's starting to do really well holding his head up. Go, Danny.  You'll be playing tag with Benny in no time. LOL 

Dinner was simple beef/bean burritos, rice, veggies and chips. I skipped the rice and chips and added an apple and peanut butter.  I need to get a click list in...this house needs greens! 

We ended the night playing Farkle. Stacia won. It took me most the game to get the original 500 points. 

Stacia made me a London Fog. Oh heavens! That is one delicious drink. 


Every mile counts! Walking Tally 99.25 miles out of 100 miles

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