Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Blessed Sunday

 We are getting pretty good at spotting moose. Check her out...or maybe it's a bull without antlers - which really confuses me. 

Good Morning Moose

I was up early putting all the early touches I could on our Sunday dinner.  When we unset the tables from last night, I reset for today.  The turkey cooked all night.  It all worked well.  Yep, finding new routines for our here and now. 

Church was good. Pastor preached on Covenant and Compromise. It was a great topic - encouraging, challenging, was great. I have been thinking of my actions, my I living by law or love? What is motivating me?  Topic came to mind again as I read Acts 16 this morning. I've often wondered about Paul circumcising Timothy after the big counsel in Jerusalem. I knew it had to have something to do with his heart to continue to speak to and win the hearts of the Jewish nation....but I see it as a good example of him doing something that may have looked legalistic but was motivated by love. In any event I am enjoying sermons which have me considering weeks later....

We had 14 for lunch. I had meant to take a photo. I thought it would be fun to create a hospitality album "around the table"....but I forgot. I may have to invite them all again until I get it right. The food was good, Jacque brought an amazing salad and Krista (Danny's Krista) made a keto dessert I will be making for years to come....low carb, sugar free, chocolate peanut butter pie.  Brittany and our Krista were here for lunch and then bowed out for the rest of their day. The conversation was even better than the food. Michael and I commented we feel like we all go to know each other a bit better. 

Stacia and Allie petitioned for a few episodes of Leverage. We sat around and chilled as a big pot of  turkey broth began simmering.  Krista came home. Nolan got off work. We had the traditional "Sunday Night Ice Cream" and some headed for bed. We ended the day with more meaningful conversation. 

It was a blessed Sunday. 

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