Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Moose 1 and Moose 2

Millie was out this morning and began barking her crazy, fuzzy head off. A little investigating revealed a moose across the yard from her. She was not happen we brought her in. 


And then there were two! I have been thinking it's getting light enough and warming up to 20's....maybe it's time to start walking outside again....but then I see all the moose the last week and I think maybe I will wait a bit longer. 

BTW we are gaining 5 min and 40 seconds of light EVERY day now. It's GREAT. It is dawn at 8:00....and the sun rose this a.m. at  8:47.  The sun set at 5:34; dusk until 6:20 p.m.  The sun was up 9 hours and 13 minutes today! Shoot I can plant soon. ::snort:: 

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