Monday, February 15, 2021

Playdate at BreZaak's

 Valentine's Day was our 37th anniversary and BreZaak's 7th anniversary. I went over this afternoon for a playdate with the kids so Bre and Izaak could go out. They were very excited they had been to the "tooth brush doctor." Ah - the simple joys of pre-school. We marveled at Jo-jo....

Three months old! 

He's a doll. He went with Mommy and Daddy.  I took photos of Annie but I wasn't quick enough to catch her brilliant cuteness...and so I am inserting a couple of photos from Bre right here...

Annie - 2 years old

The kids and I finished their meal,  showed me their new jumping tricks, shared unicorn cookies and then....they had helped me break into the "workshop", craft supplies etc. Yes, I could NOT get the door to unlock, but Bella could. ::snort:: 

Our goal was magna tiles...we created quite a bit of fun and then Auntie CoCo dropped Auntie Stacia off for a visit too! 

Stacia played Simon Says with the kids. They weren't set on the rules - but had fun. 

Back at home, a friend arrived to stay a bit. We welcomed her, had dinner, and settled down for more visits and reading. 

Bre sent this photo of the brothers ending their day...what sweet memories. 

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