Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tea with Sandy

The highlight of today was hosting Sandy in the nook - my sanctuary.  It's been hard to find time, location and opportunity to get together with Sandy. Pre-covid we'd make it over to Crema's a couple of times a month. Then lockdown, numerous quarantines, caregiving and well - this is the FIRST time in over a YEAR we've been able to get together for tea.  

In the midst of the conversation, munchies and laughter, I  remembered to snap a photo to add to the virtual guest book.  I think the girls visited at a table nearby us the last time we were at Crema' they introduced Millie and Coulter. Eventually they went for a quick walk and a romp around the yard. Socializing can be hard all around, but I think it went well. 

I didn't realize how high Millie can jump. She could clear the chicken yard if she wanted to.  This may be a problem this summer when the chickens are out and about and want to use their yard. I don't think I've seen a chicken in the yard in months. Previous years they DID come out and gather.....

Michael had an appointment in Wasilla today. 

Jamin stopped in to pick up Jared. They fly out tomorrow to meet friends in Hawaii. These five guys (our 3, plus 2 bonus') have been friends since high school in San Angelo.  It makes me smile to imagine them in Hawaii together. 


Laura said...

How lovely to have time with your friend... something none of us will take for granted again. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You are so right, Laura.