Saturday, March 13, 2021

March Birthday Celebration

Today is Cory's 28th birthday. Monday is GG's (Dad's) 80th birthday. We opted to celebrate our March birthdays today. Dad wanted steak, but that is a really unwise (and expensive option). Cory asked him about ribs....I baked them four hours and then the guys grilled them....very easy to chew. 

Yep - Michael is a champ. He brushed the grill off once again....

We KNEW Quelf was over Benny's interest level - but he needed to find it out himself. 

Benny much prefers tackling Uncle Axe. 

BreZaak haven't been to a family celebration for about a was fun to have them today. The boys had so much fun together. This is seconds after we all sat down with our food. The boys were at one end of the very long table.... Benny put his hand on Gideon's back, gestured down the length of the table and said, "Look, Bubbie! That's a LOT of people." 

Livie and Bella were best buds. Bella was excited to be here...full of hugs for everyone. It was cute. 

Random table picture.... LOL 

WHUT? This threw me...Cory is holding Danny up at the end of the table. Note the BIRTHDAY TREE in the background. I hope to have it down by St Patrick's Day - because there should be green outside by then - right? 

GG and Cory blow out their candles with a bit of help from Benny. 

BreZaak had missed a few birthdays and brought cards and candy for all. We got a laugh out of some of the sentiments. Josiah's card said, "Take a bath!"  He most often stopped by BreZaak's after fishing. 

Ah - my heart. Jamin and Danny. 

It was a fun celebration with all by JaRissa and felt normal. YES...putting 2020 in the rearview mirror. 

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