Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Tea

 Bre does holidays really well....she does an excellent job at establishing traditions for her children and making them anticipated events. 

The girls and I were invited over for a St. Patrick's Day tea. I made and brought blueberry scones. I fell down on my job. I should have added some green dye. Next year.....

The tradition continues in the next generation 

Bre with Jojo, Gideon, Bella, Annie, Allie, Stacia

Bre and I had a great time savoring our moments together as we lingered around the table. I enjoyed JoJo cuddles. Allie played with Lady (BreZaak's German shepherd) and Stacia played with the kiddos. 

It was a great break in the midst of the week. As always it takes a village and we were grateful to Michael for making it possible for us to step out. 

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