Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day 2021

 It's been a bit rough around here for a few days. 

Michael was prepping for today. 

Allie, Alex and Nolan worked all day Saturday. 

Stacia made an ice cream cake and cleaned the house Saturday...because I have been OUT - down for the count. LOL 

My shoulder began to hurt Wednesday. I'd gardened Monday and Tuesday and figured it was just a bit stiff. As Thursday and Friday progressed, I realized it was a familiar pain - bursitis back again. It's been a year and a half....I called my doc's office to see if they'd just call in the muscle relaxant they called in last time. She was out for a few days. The office called in ONE muscle relaxant a day for five days. I'm not thrilled with this....I liked 3 a day better...but this is better than nothing. So I've been using ice, heat, staying down, Ibuprofen and muscle relaxant. It's the kind of pain that makes you want to throw up.

Basically, I took up residence in the recliner with the heating pad and life has swirled around me since Thursday. 

I didn't make it to church today...but I did enjoy visiting with everyone who stopped by. FATHER'S DAY - this is always a bittersweet day....Dad G passed away on Father's Day's hard to believe it's been 9 years.  Our family had chosen NEXT Sunday as our day to celebrate birthdays and Father's Day...but anyone who could make it out is always welcome. We ended up with all five boys, the girls and CoRielle at home today. It was a treat! Nolan and Jared aren't often able to make it these days. 

We burned steaks, burgers, a few dogs and had shrimp as well. Danny got his first taste of steak....

Of COURSE, there was an ice cream cake. Stacia did a great job on it! Benny is a messy eater, but note the stylish dandelion behind his ear. 

A big thank you to Michael and gang for grabbing photos. I made a quick foray outside and decided I didn't want to be that far from my heating pad. LOL 

Nolan has asked for 35 - 40 hour work weeks as he is taking a full load of college classes. He is consistently working 60+ hour weeks. We were so happy to have him today. 

Nolan, Benny, Allie, Stacia, Alex

Danny's ready to play yard games with the big boys

I enjoyed talking wedding plans with Carrie and Josiah. 

The horse is a big hit! 

Ah, Danny's given up. Everyone began to go home....leaving the girls and I to watch a Netflix or two and head off to bed as well. 

It was a good day - even with the Ibuprofen and heating pads. LOL 

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