Monday, June 21, 2021

A One-Eyed Dog, Moose and Semi Truck

What do all those things have in common?

All are things the girls and I encounter on our runs/walks.
Millie is getting better at running. 

The girls begin their summer mornings with 1-2 hours of schoolwork. This is a great way for them to maintain momentum and next month we will add a class or two from next year into the mix. 

After lunch, the girls, Michael and I tackled projects. I requested one of them to help me in the garden as I am desperate to get things done though my shoulder is still painful. 

GG was supposed to take a nap but got up and made himself a second lunch and let the dog outside. Thanking God he didn't fall. 

Michael and Allie began a new phase on his ongoing project. Michael plans to finish tomorrow and then I will share the photos. 

Stacia hauled more compost to the garden, while I pulled weeds. We planted beets, beans and cucumbers. We also cleared enough room in the squash patch to plant 2 hills of yellow squash and one of zucchini. We had 12 hills last year and we simply don't need that many.  
Squash to the left of the bed...

We took the time to pull weeds, and stretch the black plastic back out in part of the space...where the blue tarp and black plastic are in the picture below were weeds taller than the beds.

The radishes Bella and I planted are sprouting. 

Peas and kale doing well...planted beans and beets and covered them with plastic until they sprout. 

More beans under these plastics....

We rolled up the side of this little greenhouse, weeded, hauled in compost and planted hills of cucumbers. 

We have 4 more beds we can fill...1 is in the greenhouse, 2 are outside the wire, and 1 is the lasagna bed from last fall. I had thought to keep that bed for composting for another season, but I may need to plant it. It is NOT as pretty as I would like, but we are slowly pushing back the weeds that are in our way. Still adhering to my new motto...Its NOT all or nothing.

We were all ready for dinner by 6...Salmon Chowder and yummy biscuits. 

Michael and Alex are finishing the day by getting the electric fence functioning again. I found a moose print in the garden bed they'd previously destroyed. Maybe they were back to see what they could find this year.  

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